4th Regional Conference:

Corporate Social Responsibility in Times of Crisis


June 17th–19th Sofia, Bulgaria


•   Does the world economic crisis cause companies to abandon their corporate social responsibility, their efforts in “being good”?


•   Will Governments interfere to stimulate the private sector to become more responsible?


•   Is it possible and useful to coordinate CSR efforts by various stakeholders in the region to ensure good working conditions and sustainable development?


•   What has changed for CSR in the last ten months of crisis and economic strain? What lies ahead?


Finding answers to these questions from business itself, political representatives and academic observers is the objective of the Fourth Regional Conference for Corporate Social Responsibility to be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria, 17th-19th June.


The German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in collaboration with the National Round Table for the Introduction of Social Standards, under the auspices of the Bulgarian Ministry for Labour and Social Policy, cordially welcome you to join this high-level conference with participants from throughout the region and Europe. We are expecting around 150 experts and national and regional representatives from the spheres of politics, private sector, academia, and civil society.

In addition, we have the great pleasure to announce the presence of:

•    Ms. Meglena Kuneva, European Commissioner for consumer Rights and
•    Mr. Vladimir Spidla, Commissioner for Employment, Social Policy and Equal Opportunities

For further details on programme and speakers and in order to register, please visit the respective sections of our web-site. While each participant is responsible for personal travel arrangements, information on the website can facilitate your logistics, including hotel recommendations.

The National Round Table Bulgaria, GTZ Bulgaria and the GTZ Centre for Cooperation with the Private Sector look forward to a conference with challenging questions and stimulating answers – and hope to welcome you among the participants.