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Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy
The Balkan Institute for Labor and Social Policy (BILSP) is a non-governmental, voluntary, independent, non-political and non-profit association established in September 2001.

BILSP works in priority areas such as EU funds management, other international donors’ funds management, corporate social responsibility, labor market, human resources, industrial relations, social insurance and social protection, occupational safety and health, labor legislation, social policy. 
BILSP offers the following services related to the above mentioned priority areas:

•    Project development and project management - European funds and programmes; Other bilateral and international donors; Other government funds
•    Training, consultancy and technical assistance – Management of European Funds and Programs; Project Management; Corporate Social Responsibility; Strategic planning in the public sector; Competitiveness through investments in working conditions; HR Management; Organizational structure and institutional capacity
•    Social audits
•    Development and management of programs and strategies
•    Preliminary and subsequent evaluation of projects, programs and strategies
•    Assistance and mediation to find funds to implement programs and projects
•    Social and Economic Analysis – Labour Market; Corporate Social Responsibility; Labour Relations; Social Security; Safe and healthy working conditions; Social Policies; Employment; Vocational qualification and training
•    Development of management systems for project and programme management; Monitoring; Projects and program financial accountability

BILSP team
BILSP employs permanent staff of 10 people who have managerial, administrative and expert responsibilities. In addition, BILSP has a pool of more than 40 associated external consultants/experts who provide expert services.
BILSP has good and productive partnership with individual consultants and reputable lecturers and specialists from EU and other countries who could support the Institute upon request whenever the need for their services arises.

BILSP network
BILSP has 15 associated partner organisations in 15 districts in Bulgaria that help BILSP to undertake effectively regional activities and to have nation-wide coverage.